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How to Get Admission to SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai [2024]

How to Get Admission to SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai [2024]

If you want to get Admission to SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai formerly known as SRM University, stands as a beacon of academic excellence offering a diverse range of undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in engineering, management, medicine, and health sciences, and science and humanities. With a vibrant multicultural environment hosting over 33,000 students from 48 countries and 28 states of India, SRM boasts a faculty of 2,661, fostering an atmosphere of academic freedom and global camaraderie.

Process to Get Admission to SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai

The SRM Experience

Education at SRM goes beyond traditional boundaries, providing an environment where bright minds converge, discover, and learn. The institute believes in creating a top-of-the-world living and learning experience, emphasizing not only academic achievement but also personal growth.

Academic Environment

SRM University sets itself apart with features such as foreign faculty, a flexible curriculum, exciting research opportunities, and global connections. Offering cutting-edge programs like nanotechnology, bioinformatics, and genetic engineering, SRM ensures students are at the forefront of innovation.

Diversity of Students

With 80% of students hailing from outside Tamil Nadu, including Europe, China, and other countries, SRM prides itself on its diverse and inclusive student body. This melting pot of cultures enhances the overall learning experience, fostering a global perspective among students.

Direct Admission to SRM University

For those aspiring to join the ranks of SRM’s esteemed students, the institute provides avenues for direct admission in B.Tech / BE / M.Tech through institute-level vacant seats and management quota seats. Here are the eligibility criteria:

General Eligibility Criteria for Admission to SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai:

– Minimum of 45% marks in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics at the 10+2 Board Examination.

Direct Admission Through Management Quota:

1. For Engineering:

  • Minimum age requirement: Above 16 years old.
  • Minimum 50% marks in the 12th board examination.
  • For B.Tech in Genetic Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, and Biotechnology Engineering, secure 50% total marks in either PCM or PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology).
  • Eligibility is based on counseling rank in the SRMJEEE entrance exams.
  • Admission is dependent on your rank score and 12th board examination marks.

Disciplines/Branches Offered:

School of Computing:

– B.Tech and M.Tech programs with various specializations in Computer Science and Engineering.

School of Bio-Engineering:

– B.Tech programs in Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering.

School of Mechanical Engineering:

– B.Tech programs in Aerospace Engineering, Automobile Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering with specializations.

School of Civil Engineering:

– B.Tech programs in Civil Engineering with specializations.

School of Chemical and Material Technology:

– B.Tech and M.Tech programs in Nanotechnology and Material Science and Engineering.

School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering:

– B.Tech programs in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, and more with various specializations.

Navigating Admission to SRM Institute of Science & Technology, Chennai with PC Enterprises:

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Get Admission to SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai beckons students to a world of academic brilliance and personal growth. By understanding the admission criteria and the diverse range of disciplines offered, aspiring students can pave their way into this esteemed institution, opening doors to a future of innovation and excellence. Embrace the opportunity to be part of SRM’s global community, where education transcends boundaries and fosters holistic development.

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